Developing ideas and creating a series

I often hear painters say that they don’t know how to get started – that they have the gem of an idea or some imagery that interests them but just aren’t sure how to take the next steps.

Sometimes figuring out how to get started is the hardest part. This hands-on workshop will give you creative steps and tips to develop your ideas and teach you how to explore a subject deeply to create an engaging and cohesive series.

For this workshop, you will need to bring a ‘new idea’ or ‘theme’ with you that we can  ‘flesh’ out over the weekend. This can be based on anything that inspires you – a photograph/s you’ve been thinking about painting for awhile, a particular subject or emotion, a person, a colour or texture that appeals, a particular painting technique or style.

For example a landscape painter might choose a theme around a specific location, or a season, or a particular subject (huge or small – like mountains or leaves) or a specific emotional quality that you want to express. Or you might choose to focus on abstraction, or paint quality or colour. The important thing is that you choose something that inspires and interests you, and that you have an emotional connection too.

During the workshop we will:

  • Consider how to communicate your ideas/emotions through paint – what are you trying to get out of your work? What are you trying to communicate through your work?
  • Discuss the benefits of working in a series and learn how to explore, investigate and address your ideas in an increasingly deeper and more expressive way
  • Examine how to balance the intentionality and consistency of your ideas, with creative exploration and unexpected happenings during the painting process
  • Explore Mind Mapping as a tool to explore and expand your ideas
  • Learn about and create a Mood Board
  • Analyse the art practice of two contemporary painters
  • Run through practical steps to create your series
  • Review ideas on evaluating your series as it progresses

You will receive all the supplies you need for this workshop, including:

  • Paper, pencils, rubbers, coloured markers
  • A cork board, pins, sticky notes for creating your mood board (if you are travelling from outside of Nelson  – a rollable sheet of paper can be provided instead)
  • A LCAA Art Journal, comprehensive notes and a list of resources

Other onsite resources will include collaging supplies to assist in making your mood board and a library of art books. The Kowhai Room at Abel Tasman Lodge is spacious and has tables, comfortable chairs, and a self service area for tea and coffee.

Participation in this workshop gives you access to the private LCAA online Facebook community so you can connect with other artists prior to the workshop, interact and share your work (and memories) and continue to support each other afterwards.

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