Mixed Media on Paper

Over the last few years I have realised the importance of works on paper as part of my art practice – how they positively influence and enhance my large-scale paintings. Pictured above is a developing series of works on paper in my studio at the Spinnerei, in Leipzig.

I use works on paper as a way to extend my visual language at the start of a new series – to try out new mark-making, different compositional ideas and colour palettes. Working smaller on paper offers the opportunity to be more experimental – seeing what is successful and what is not before embarking on a large canvas work. While the works on paper inform my paintings, I do not directly copy them, and many end up becoming works of art in their own right.

In this 2-day hands-on workshop we will combine simple hand-printmaking techniques, collage and paint together. You will go away with heaps of creative ideas on how to create unique and engaging works on paper using a variety of techniques. I will show you how this is a great way to extend and develop your painting practice.

For this workshop, you will need to bring source material based on your usual or favourite painting subject, whether that material is photographs, sketches, magazine cuttings, objects. Please also bring a few photographs of your own paintings.

During the workshop we will:

  • Consider how to communicate your ideas/emotions through your painting practice
  • Discuss the benefits of developing small paper works, alongside paintings on canvas, as a way to improve your work
  • Explore the basics of mono printing, trace mono printing, stencil, collograph
  • Learn how to combine these printmaking techniques with paint and collage
  • Examine how to balance the intentionality and consistency of your ideas, with creative exploration and unexpected happenings during the painting/printmaking process
  • Analyze the works of a couple of contemporary painters who use paper works as part of their art practice
  • Review ideas on how to evaluate your works on paper

You will receive all the supplies you need for this workshop, including:

  • Pencils, coloured markers, rubbers, tape, blue tac
  • Heaps of sketch paper and 3 sheets of quality mixed media paper
  • Acrylic paint and glue
  • A LCAA Art Journal, comprehensive notes and a list of resources

Please bring your own your own brushes and favourite painting tools.

Other onsite resources will include collaging and printmaking supplies, painting palettes, water jars, rags, newspapers etc and a library of art books. The Hall at St John’s Church is very spacious and has tables, comfortable chairs, bathrooms and a self service area for tea and coffee.

Participation in this workshop give you access to the private LCAA online Facebook community so you can connect with other artists prior to the workshop, interact and share your work (and memories) and continue to support each other afterwards.


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